The road towards Roma integration goes through education


An initiative to address the specificities of an inclusive education and move beyond stereotypes

in Greece, Roma communities live in conditions of extreme marginalization, social exclusion, poverty and discrimination. Their integration into society remains a protracted and unresolved challenge.
To address the specific need of Roma students for educational social inclusion by presenting a model of democratic and inclusive school development which is based on human rights principles and guidelines for intercultural learning.
About the project
This project constitutes the very first attempt of the Greek educational system – represented by the relevant organization of the Ministry of Education - to undertake a whole school approach to the social inclusion of Roma.
“How is a child to perform well in school when hungry?”

For whom


Roma school-aged children, so that they improve their educational attainment


education professionals [teachers, principals, administrative staff, assistants etc.], so that they build their capacities in dealing with the educational needs of Roma students

Every grade

schools where Roma children learn, so that they adopt whole school approaches in the support of Roma inclusion


Roma parents, so that they can be involved in school activities and school life like all other parents and create the link between school and the community



Our mission is to contribute to the successful integration of Roma children and youth

The INCLUSIVE SCHOOLS FOR ROMA project proposes the elaboration and implementation of an effective strategy for evolvement of the school into an inclusive environment, conductive to the successful integration of Roma children and youth. The project proposes the development and implementation of the Inclusive School for Roma intervention

3 components
• the Inclusive School for Roma Guidelines
• the In-School Capacity Building Activities
• the Educational Mediation Component.
Let the Numbers Speak

• needs analysis reports for schools with Roma students,
• the handbook Roma Inclusive Education Guidelines and the Mediators Guide,
• the supplementary teaching and learning material [videos, handouts, presentations]
• the Roma educational mediators.
Teachers and Educators
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